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They were very organized, collaborated ideas with us openly, executed in an efficient manner and were always diligent in setting meetings and giving updates.

Justin Liu, Chairman, Figaro Coffee Systems


Discovery & Research

Involves gathering information and insights about the business, its industry, and its target audience, and using data gathered to develop a strategy that resonates with the audience in a meaningful way


Planning & Strategy

Includes defining the project's purpose, values, unique selling proposition and the best ways to reach the audience. A well planned journey that is essential for creating a cohesive and effective brand and marketing tools.


Design & Development

The phase where all creative work and development is done. Design and development is a critical stage that brings the brand to life and creates a consistent and memorable brand experience for the target audience.



The final stage that involves introducing the new brand identity or website to the public. An exciting moment that marks the culmination of all the hard work done during the earlier phases.