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Fine Choices PH is a startup company that is focused on providing healthy food options, particularly for women with PCOS. Led by a female founder, the company has two goals: provide healthy food options for those who have PCOS, creating awareness for mental and physical health. Although they had an existing brand identity, it did not effectively communicate their message and purpose.

Fine Choices PH had an existing brand identity, but it was not effectively communicating the company's message and purpose. The brand's visual and verbal identity did not align with the company's goals and values, making it difficult to attract and retain customers.

To address Fine Choices PH's challenge, we began by conducting a thorough study of the business and the target market. We worked closely with the founder to understand the company's vision and values, as well as their target audience.

Based on our research and analysis, we developed a more appealing brand and verbal identity that was aligned with the company's mission and goals. We created a cohesive brand message that was consistent across all communication materials, including the company's website, social media accounts, and marketing campaigns.

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