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Visual Identity


With over a decade of experience in the industry, Outbox Media has established itself as a leading event production company in the country. However, with the changing landscape of events due to the pandemic, the company recognized the need to adapt and explore digital platforms to continue delivering quality events for their clients.

One of the challenges faced by Outbox Media was to refresh their brand look to be more modern and relevant to the current times. This required a careful study of the latest trends in the events industry to come up with a design that would stand out and grab the attention of potential clients.

The solution involved creating a new logo that utilized colors and visuals that were eye-catching and attention-grabbing. Custom fonts were also created to achieve the desired look and feel of the brand. The client's request to reuse the swirl within the play button was also incorporated into the design.

Overall, the goal was to create a modern, fresh and dynamic look that would showcase Outbox Media's versatility and ability to adapt to the changing landscape of the events industry.

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