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ITSM Corp is one of the leading company in the IT services industry in Australia, with over a decade of experience providing quality services and products to their clients. They approached us with a challenge: they needed to rebrand their company. The main challenge  was communication. Their existing communication materials lacked a consistent and unique look, leading to confusion among their clients and a lack of brand recognition. They needed a new brand identity that would better represent their services and products, while also distinguishing them from their competitors.

To address ITSM Corp's challenge, we began by conducting a thorough study of their business, services, and products. We held a successful discovery session with the CEO and Head of Marketing to fully understand their vision for the company. From there, we worked to develop a new brand identity that better represented their services and products.

We came up with a new identity that included art direction, color palette, typography, and other visual elements. We also developed a new website that was complete and updated, providing clients with a better understanding of ITSM Corp's services and products.

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